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Realtime-Linux: Xenomai, RTnet, RACK

Realtime-Linux: Xenomai, RTnet, RACK

Year:  2014

Our institute's research and developement is based on Linux Realtime Extension. Xenomai Further development of this Open-Source-Projekt is actively supported. In this context, RTS contributed offering the Real-Time-Driver Model (RTDM) as well as numerous driver units.

Due to several student/diploma papers the project RTnet has ocurred at RTS aiming at using Standard-Ethernet for communcation in hard real time conditions. Already a short time after publication the research team has been joined by numerous volunteers coming from different countries so that progress is coming at a dynamic pace. The open architecture of RTnet offers the potential for diverse application purposes ranging from the institute's mobile robots to industrial units. RTS will continue to actively support the coordination and development of this project.

All RTS Service robots are running an in-house developed real time middleware based on Xenomai und RTnet. In this context, Robotics Application Constructions Kit (RACK) represents the key system published as Open Source. Other components will be developed as a result of research projects or else according to the orders placed by industry partners.